Nerding Out

I have a tendency to do some things that others consider odd… among those things is my computer habits. I like to run my IM through my IRC client… which is a text mode client (aka no pretty pictures) It works great for me, and allows me to connect remotely into my session and talk to folks.

For this I was using coLinux on my windows gaming machine. Which allows me to run Linux as a daemon process. But this grew tiresome as sometimes I like to turn off that beast since it is so loud. So at about midnight last night I decided I should just build a always on server. At first this seemed like it was destined for failure.

I didn’t have a spare network port on my router to even connect another computer. So I found extra network cards to plug into my always on server to use it as a router. Ok that problem solved, then I realized I didn’t have a PC-PC network cables (crossover cables) and thought that would end my fun, but turns out modern NICs have auto-mdix which can flip one side to a router port instead of a normal computer port, thus fixing the problem.

So I pull out my biggest baddest computer that is sitting around collecting dust, find out that I had given away the heat sink and didn’t have any spares for it. Next computer… didn’t have any RAM for it, same with the next two. I pull out the bottom of the bucket, a AMD Duron 800MHz, it is i686 so I can run Archlinux on it, but I couldn’t find ram for it either… digging and digging though my parts box I finally found two sticks of SD-RAM, 32MB each.

So I put all these parts together on my bed to test them, find they are all working including a rather iffy 8GB hard drive I found. I install Archlinux on it, get it all setup for headless running, power it off, remove the video card, and move to it’s new home:

Yup, that’s right, no case, here are some quotes about that:

05:24:31 jelly12gen | Wraithan: woo it’s bare boned
05:25:59 tigrmesh | you were serious! it really is just sitting on a shelf
05:26:45 [F]LillianYIM | it’s like all open air and such
05:27:26 tigrmesh | it never occurred to me that a case is ‘merely’ an accessory
05:49:06 DigitalKiwi | I hope that’s not running like that >.>
06:01:35 DigitalKiwi | well it could explode!

I have a throttle on the fan making it near silent. overall this system should be REALLY low power making it ideal for an always on system.

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