Nerd levels (Nerd Level 1)

16:00:09 Wraithan | I can’t decide on how technical I want to go
16:00:23 [C]Niall | Meh. Wing it.
16:00:29 [C]Niall | Write crap if you want to write crap.
16:00:35 Wraithan | sometimes i feel like just diving in and fuck those who don’t get it, other times I feel bad and want to make it so everyone an understand
16:00:46 [C]Niall | Do it all.
16:00:56 Wraithan | Maybe I should put a level as part of the name
16:00:56 Wraithan | haha
16:01:21 [C]Niall | Yeah.
16:01:23 [C]Niall | Good plan.

Alright, from now I plan on tagging each title with a nerd level. Sometimes I want to go in-depth on programming topics and well, most of my friends wont get it. Other times I am doing light hearted posts and/or explaining different technical things in ways I hope the majority can understand.

Not going to list all the levels, just going to put tiers.
Nerd Level 1: This will be stuff anyone can understand, or hopefully anyone can, ping me on IM/IRC/comments if something doesn’t make sense in one of these, so I can improve my writing.

Nerd Level 5: This will be moderately technical stuff, such as computer parts and linux software and what not.

Nerd Level 10+: This will be more in-depth programming concepts, examinations into how hardware works, stuff like that.

Hopefully this will help, and allow me to explore whatever topics I want.

2 thoughts on “Nerd levels (Nerd Level 1)

  1. Two things.One: "Twomer's Blog: Why don't you write about it in your blag?". My web-alias is twomers, small t here, and sigular has an s, so "twomers' Blog: Why don't you write about it in your blag?"Second: (Nerd Level X) seems a tad long winded… NLX or another such acronym might suffice?

  2. Bah fine, I'll rename your blag better, and you are right, (NLX) would be better… if folks can't figure it out when I start using it that way, then they shouldn't read the blag.

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