Read it later (NL2)

I tend to get a lot of links on IRC about various topics, often I’d like to read them but I don’t have the time or the focus to do it just that moment. I’ve tried several methods of saving links to read them later, Emailing the pages to myself, adding it to reader with the tag ‘look at later’ and none has worked as effectively as I would have liked.

I stumbled upon the Read It Later Firefox extension and strongly considered it, but I use a mod on Firefox that makes it so that extension is pretty much useless, I’ll go into why my Firefox looks like this another day. I’d recommend this extension if your UI isn’t as minimal as mine.

But my search was not hopeless, I found that the site that did Read It Later, also did a set of bookmarklets which are great. You have to sign up to use them, since they send the URL to the site for your list, allowing you to generate a read it later list on the fly, then you can hit the read bookmarklet to mark it as read and remove it from the list. And there is of course a bookmarklet to bring you to your list.

This solution was nice enough as it was, but they also provide a RSS feed of your list, those of us who use feed readers continue on, those who don’t, go here and start using them. They are great.

So I set it up in my feed reader so when I am going through my reader, I am reminded of my list, and can read them as needed, or I can jump straight to my list via the bookmarklet. This allows me to not think about the articles until I have time to read them (like when I am checking my reader)

This solution is great for me, hope y’all like it too.

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