Exciting Introduction to Newsqueak, for me at least. (NL10)

Sykopomp and I have been speaking on concurrency a lot lately.

I’ve used concurrency in several applications, the largest of which was a bot for EQ that used an Actor based concurrency system. Other that have used concurrency haven’t used any of the larger patterns, and honestly were just off the cuff and likely would not have worked well at all when scaled up.

Sykopomp pointed out Communicating Sequential Processes. I read about it and it seemed like a really good idea, but implementing it was still a bit beyond what I could imagine. He then clued me in on a Google Talk done by Rob Pike, Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Concurrency/message passing Newsqueak.

After watching this, I am really excited for this style of concurrency. I am looking to use it with Python but I have yet to find a library that implements it. I have considered using newsqueak directly but the problem there is the small community and even smaller amount of libraries available.

If I can not find such a library, I may take it upon myself to implement this, possibly as a wrapper on python. Sykopomp would just as soon I learned lisp and used the lib he found for lisp using this, but I am going to stick with my python for now.

EDIT: Found a library for pyhton: PyCSP. Going to install and play with it today, I am really excited. I’ll report back my experience as soon as I have enough code written to decide on if I really like it or not

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