Those of you who read my blog will notice the new widget on the side. That is a widget from DailyMile as I have several goals right now. Ride a century (100 miles) on my bike, jog for 30 minutes straight without slowing to a walk or stopping, and finally to swim a mile straight without resting.

Now you, most of you who read this are going ‘wtf this is a tech blog’ ’tis the truth, this is a tech blog. First I wanted to give a shout out to the folks at DailyMile. Their site is pretty awesome, works (so far) without any noticeable bugs or flaws, and they are nice enough to provide a RESTful API that returns JSON (yay no XML-RPC). Heck, I’ve even contacted them about donating or paying for some pro-mode if they decide to add one. I know they offer shirts but those have an overhead cost to them and they aren’t really my style.

More on the API, it is a pretty decent setup, uses OAuth2, returns JSON, and is pretty intuitive. I am going to be building out some software of my own that uses it to track smaller goals with end dates and such which their ‘challenge’ system doesn’t really support in a robust way. The details of that along with a recent realization thanks to a fellow Portland Nerd will be coming in the next post. For now, I just wanted to show my love for this site that is already making my life a little better.


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