Goals and planning

So here I sit, after a one of the most physically demanding days of my life pondering what and how I want to proceed with things in my life. Just two days ago I did a 75 mile ride from Sherwood to Lincoln City. I wasn’t as physically or mentally prepared for this as I could and should have been. I was dead tired, and ready to give up at 50 or 55 miles, when I was climbing over the coastal range.

I had the time to prepare for this, I even started preparing but went off track a couple weeks ago after taking a week off to let my calves recover. Lesson learned though, I have three weeks to prepare for Reach the Beach, a 103 mile ride from Portland to Pacific City, and you better believe I’ll be spending my free time preparing in several way, from time at the gym to time in the saddle, to fixing my diet.

One of the realizations of this weekend is that I have no overarching goals for my life. I have a couple goals that have been put together ad-hoc but nothing that ties it all together, nor prioritization between those goals. That is part of the reason I didn’t end up as ready as I could have been for my ride. It is also part of the reason a lot of my software projects are abandoned and subject to bit rot.

I don’t have an overarching scheme for my life yet, but I do have a couple things that once I figure out a bit more about myself I can turn into one. Those things are the pursuit of a more healthy life style. This is more regular exercise, discipline, and a better diet. Continuing my learning in several fields, focusing on software development, but making more room for other types of learning in life. As well as the re-evaluation of the things I have periodically put time into, like linguistics, and deciding if I should put time/money/effort into them.

Something that I have a tendency to loose then over indulge in is relaxation and socialization, so making it a goal, so it stays in mind and I remember to call/email/hang out with my friends regularly, as well as taking occasional days off of everything and perhaps just laying in the park and reading.

Over time, those of you who tend to read this blog (who are likely real life friends) will see the changes, and I’ll try to post when I notice some of the better changes.