What’s in a name?

I am strongly considering abandoning my christian name, as it is referred to, and go by my handle on the ‘net. Which part of me says “That is fuckin’ rediculous!” And indeed, it does seem silly, but today I met some new people, and I started to introduce myself and Chris and it didn’t feel right, these are my fellow nerds, we choose our own names and what our names mean to us.

I am Wraithan, I have a big tattoo of a wraith, it’s me. When I told people my name is Wraithan I felt slightly awkward but when I didn’t bother saying my name was Chris but some people call me Wraithan people hardly blinked. I loved it.

I’m going to give it a go for a while, fuck it if people don’t approve, why can’t I choose my own name without changing my legal name. It’s a good name as any, and has been mine for 13 years, the “real world” should know it too.