Read the Docs

Over the last few months I’ve really started to love Read the Docs. Several of my favorite projects are hosted on there. Projects such as Fabric, Requests, and Celery are all hosted on there. The list keeps growing, which is great. Read the Docs is a fantastic project that is promoting and unifying documentation even across language boundaries, both human and programming.

I got involved with Read the Docs during the sprints of DjangoCon 2011 as I have mentioned before on my blog. So my opinion isn’t entirely unbiased, but I wouldn’t have gotten involved if I didn’t believe in it and what goals it is pressing towards. I strongly urge others to also contribute, which can come in many forms, such as spreading the word on using Read the Docs, writing docs and posting them on there, filing bug reports on things you find wrong or feature requests for things you think could be done better, or finally by contributing your coding or design skills.

Something that is pretty interesting is there have been a number of projects that aren’t software libraries that have found their way on to Read the Docs. There have been a few books written using Sphinx and then posted on Read the Docs. Notes from various talks and conferences. And recently I stumbled upon a resume that is hosted on there and it got me thinking that I should do the same.

My resume is now hosted on there, though a warning, it is a work in progress. It looks really nice though, and I have access to multiple file types of it that sphinx and Read the Docs have generated, including a PDF. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to write their resume, have it stand out a bit, but still look really nice.

Basically, this post is just to talk about how much I have come to depend on Read the Docs and to also to encourage people to use and help out in various ways. I love this project and if have ever come across horrible documentation, so should you.

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