Exercise Redux

This is more a personal recording of thoughts than my normal posts that are aimed at an audience.

I’ve begun exercising. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t post/talk about starting exercising much until you’ve actually started and are a few days/weeks in. I am now 3 weeks into biking for training, and I’ve started walking and even jogged a bit yesterday.

I fell short of my 2 of my 3 goals last year. I was able to complete a 100mi ride, while it was very hard it was also easier than I expected. My other 2 goals, jogging 30min straight and swimming a mile straight were over reaching in some ways. The jogging was thwarted by injuring my joints. I didn’t start into jogging softly enough. The swimming was defeated by my lack of ability to swim very well.

My biking goal this summer is to hit, exceed and maintain 160km per week. I may bump this up as I am already at 100km in a week without much negative impact on my body. I have started, and intend to continue hiking, aiming for a 8km+ hike each week. Running, I want to get to the point that I am doing 5km runs twice a week. And finally I want to reach 750m swimming per week.

This is a lot of goals, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach them all, but they culminate in being able to do the Portland Triathlon. I hope to have a page of my training vs my goals and where I am for each thing. Swimming will be waiting until I have a job and can start at a gym again, the rest are started and I hope to continue kicking ass at them.

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