Initial SC2 Goals

These are the things I’m working on for the next month:

Consistent Macro.
Problem: Once I have to micro at all, I have a hard time catching back up on my resources. Also my probe production has a pretty steep drop off after I have a few buildings to look after, especially once I have taken my natural.

Solution: I plan on working on this by tracking my average unspent resources and aiming to lower it to a reasonable level. I need initial stats before I can say where I want it in a month

Keeping my calm under early pressure.Problem: Cheese gets me worse than it should. Even if I can repel it, I’ve taken a huge hit to my economy because I spent time on micro and forgot to macro. Not only that, but I don’t make units to defend as often as I can which leads to it being distracting for longer. Together the two make it so cheese eventually destroys me.

Solution: I plan on working on this while laddering and during my Saturday night practice sessions with my friends.

Both are things I can continually improve on, they are fundamentals. But as fundamentals, I need them to be at least not weak before I can start to worry about other things.

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