Long Term Goals

In my interviews at Mozilla Mike Morgan asked me what my long term goals are. This is a topic I’ve visited once before. Here I am about a year later. My life has changed quite a bit, but I’m finding it hard to list any long term goals I’ve achieved.

I told him one of my reasons for joining Mozilla, which is learning how to deal with scaling projects to the extremes that they’ve had to. Another is to someday reach the level of Kenneth Reitz and others like him in the open source world.

Goals are hard to achieve if there is no quantifiable metric for progress and success. Goals that are more abstract, like learning to scale software projects, are much more difficult. The best I can do is reflect periodically and make sure I am learning the skills I’d like to. The same goes for becoming a better citizen of the open source world.

Goals have different natures as well. For instance, I have the goal of becoming a consistent blogger, so I decided to blog at least once a week for a year. I can tell if I am doing well by how many weeks I’ve done it and how many I’ve missed. Another type of goal is like my goal of getting into Master league in StarCraft 2 which has an end condition, and even some intermediary goals of getting to Platinum and Diamond leagues.

I’m going to take the next week to really consider my goals and try to come up with a list of 1, 2, 5, and 10 year goals. Of course the longer the goal the more abstract it’ll likely be, but I can at least use it to guide myself.

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