StarCraft 2 On Sale

The price is down to $39.99 in the Blizzard store.

Normal Folks

A lot more stomachable by the casual or younger gamer who doesn’t put forth the same spending power as those of us who have jobs and love gaming.


It also brings down the cost for people who would like a smurf account. This phrase is newer in the online gaming community, only a few years old at best. It means to get a new account with the goal of playing against lower level people and/or climbing up through the ranks.

In SC2 the primary use case appears to be for race switches. Say someone makes it to platinum with Protoss then decides they want to play Terran. They are going to get crushed in their current league with Terran, so they start a smurf account and play Terran on that until they are comfortable enough to take it back to their primary accounts.

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