Switching to Pelican

So, I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been meaning to scrap my Blogger setup and move to using Pelican. Part of the battle was getting a theme that made me happy, the other part of the battle was sitting down to actually make things happen.

First off, let me just say that Pelican is a pretty great platform. And I am not saying that because I have the pleasure of working with Alexis, but because it lets me use reST to write my entries and I can heavily customize everything about its display.

One of the things I knew I wanted was the ability to use bootstrap themes. Luckily someone else had already made that possible, two someones in fact! I found both of them in the pelican-themes repo which houses a number of themes for Pelican. themes/bootstrap and themes/bootstrap2 are the two that are included in this aggregation and I found I liked the layout of themes/bootstrap a bit more.

Unfortunately, I found that themes/bootstrap was built for a much older version of bootstrap and that I’d have to modify things to make it work. Also, I found a couple stylistic nits with it (especially when I changed to a darker theme) that needed addressing as well. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t very hard to update it to the newest bootstrap and I’ll be sending a pull request to pelican-themes with the fixes needed once I am pretty sure I have ironed everything out.

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