Promoted to Silver

I was pretty bummed when I was placed in HotS and got placed into Bronze. In WoL I was Silver and the MMR tool said I was nearing Gold. So a placement into Bronze was almost a slap in the face. It made me want to quit playing right there.

Instead I started playing more and more, and found that I really belonged there. I was losing a majority of my matches still. Learning to deal with all these new units and buffs and nerfs to various abilities and didn’t deserve my previous rank.

Last night I was promoted to Silver. This is after 69 ranked games of HotS (this is not counting my unranked games and 1v1 with friends). I have been learning quite a bit while playing those 69 games. Some of it was getting better at countering various units. Some of it was just playing more so I can flesh out my playing style and my builds. And finally, lots of it was watching players like Wilko stream.

Next steps will be getting a bit more comfortable with skytoss, at least mixing it into my composition a little bit. As well as sitting down and playing with my build orders in a sandbox so I can figure out what order I should build things and what is the fastest I can complete it.

I am trying to stream at least an hour or two a day. You can the link to my twitch account in the side bar to the left.

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