Goals is a topic I cover now and then. I also have a history of pondering it then not sticking to things I’ve come up with that would better my life in some way. I think a common thread through this is my lack of stability.

While I am stable enough that I am not living on the streets, that is about where it ends. Some days at work I get a lot of work done, other days I get nearly none done. I can’t really draw a line to figure out what is causing this either which is something that really bothers me.

In November I was going running 3 times a week with my girlfriend. It was pretty great, I got some good shoes for it, wasn’t getting much/any joint fatigue and generally started feeling better about myself. I’ve since fallen off the wagon and need to get back on.

I gave up sweetened drinks at the start of November as well. This one stuck a lot harder, but recently I’ve cheated a few times. I had a couple rum and cokes at the bar, a 5 hour energy when I wanted to game for longer, etc. I’ve not strayed far from this one so it is very likely that I’ll be able to keep this up and go back to my sticking to it. Perhaps even expanding it to no foods with fructose (including sucrose) in them other than naturally occurring (fruits and such.)

I want to get better at SC2, I think my ultimate goal is to hit Master league. Unfortunately I can’t seem to regimen myself enough to get out of Silver league really (though I did make it out of Bronze into Silver in HotS which has me pretty excited.) I am hoping blogging about my progress and looking more into that will help.

Really, that is what a lot of getting this site off the ground is. A place for me to blog about my progress. Life will have my exercise and diet stuff, tech will have side projects and work, and SC2 will have (you guessed it) StarCraft 2 developments.

So here is to a new year, a new blog, and hopefully by the next time this topic comes up, a new me that will be hard to recognize other than the beard.

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