Different City, Same Place

I am sitting in a cafe in Eugene waiting on my girlfriend Eva to get here so we can drive back Portland. I’ve never really hung out in Eugene, but after asking my friends I found a cafe to hang out at. Now I am sitting here, hacking, chatting, and watching a stream and it feels like home.

This is something I find really interesting. I’ve noticed it a few times previously but this was rather pronounced. I completely forgot I was in a difference city for a couple minutes. Then I heard a sound outside of my headphones, looked up and realize it wasn’t one of my normal cafes.

All it takes for me to enter a flow state is some familiar music, a decent problem to work on and my computer. The last is an interesting note, when a computer is new (new laptop or changed input device like keyboard) I have a really hard time going into flow. It appears to be a matter of comfort, which my environment doesn’t play as much of a role in as I thought it would.

Maybe I could live in another city, I’ve always thought of it as uncomfortable and assumed it would negatively impact me in a number of ways. But, if I have my computer, headphones and something interesting to work on, I think I’d be fine.

Just some random musings.

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