Resistance is Silly

One of the first things that is brought up in The Art of Learning is the how the author had started learning chess on his own and had developed some bad habits. Then, once he had a real teacher, he fought that teacher about the best ways to do things. I find the same issue in my SC2 playing.

Commonly on my stream someone will suggest that I add voidrays or full on skytoss. Or they comment on how I don’t micro at all and just a-move my army everywhere. These are things that are definitely holding me back. I’ve stopped doing these things at one point or another because I don’t feel confident in them and my methods have worked so far to make me better.

I play slow (low APM) so I try to avoid things that I have to speed up my play more for. I don’t take it well when people criticize this part of my play because I feel helpless to it. This is something that I am going to have to let go of because maintaining it will result in a very hard ceiling for my skill.

Going forward I am going to spend a little time each practice session pushing my boundaries. Doing phoenix harass, oracle harass, prism play, blink micro, etc. If I never do it, I’ll never be comfortable when I need to do it. If I push myself to learn it, then I will get a chance to internalize things I am slow at so I can do them at a faster rate.

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