What Did I Do Today

I have really inconsistent productivity. Some days I am on fire and really hammering out code. Other days I get to the end and have nothing to show for it and really have a hard time remembering what I was doing. To this end my boss and I have decided it would be helpful if at the end of the day I send a report of progress I made on my bugs.

I opted include some other stuff, both for my boss’ sake and for my own tracking of my day. The basic format of the email is:


  • http://bugzil.la/700000 :
    • Wrote some code and made progress in the morning.
    • Finished in the afternoon, landed.
  • Other stuff: Helped edit someone’s blog post


I felt ok about today, I was distracted a bit with IRC questions. I might try keeping IRC minimized for parts of the day and only look at it when I am highlighted.

After doing this for two days, I’m deciding to do this in other parts of my life to varying degrees. For SC2, I’ll be doing a weekly report, because it is an approximately equivalent, since I am planning 5-10 hours of SC2 practice a week and that is near the same as my 6-10 hour work day.

I’m also thinking that I might do this for my bike riding as well. Weekly makes sense for this as well, because individual rides are less interesting but looking at them in aggregate I can see some trends and progress.

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