Heart of the Swarm: Player vs AI

Spent a bit of time tonight playing the new Player vs AI. It is pretty fun. It makes you play through the difficulties until you hit the Elite level at which point it maxes out. Now I am not a great player but I am evidently good enough to be the AI at the highest level PvAI goes to, but despite that it doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to me.

I even learned while playing through the lower levels of PvAI. The hard computer hit me with a 6-8 roach timing attack and I barely held it. I realize my build was rather deficient! It had gaping holes that hadn’t been capitalized on during ladder sessions, because the builds that could, had fallen out of favor in recent history. It is wonderful to see this because it made me rearrange and tighten up my build a bit. I was excited to play against the harder AIs and see what else I missed!

In HotS, the AI has been taught to use multiple builds, so no longer does it do the same thing every time. Sometimes you are against a bio early pushing Terran AI, other times the Terran AI comes at you with hellions followed up by heavy mech play. This variety lets you test how a build does, and what it needs to be able to react to at minimum to survive on the ladder.

With this new tool, I am going to take some time to figure out what build I am going to use in each match up. After that, work out a couple transitions in the build to account for the opponent’s tech. Then practice the hell out of them so they are super tight. At that point they’ll be ready for the ladder.

Day[9] has stated that a very tight build, even if it isn’t a great build, will get you really far. TheJaKaTaK asserts that with good mechanics you’ll go a long way. Perhaps if I combine these:

  • Solidify and tighten up my builds for each match up to the point that I know them so well I don’t have to think about placement of things, order of buildings, scout timings, etc.
  • Work my way through TheStaircase getting my mechanics and understanding of the various units to be stronger.

Alternating between these, perhaps using one to warm up for the other is likely where I’ll go with this. It seems like a great vehicle to carry me on the road to HotS Gold League and perhaps, with enough effort, even Platinum League before the game is released.

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