Weekly Training Site

I blogged last month about my goals and where I wanted them to be. In response to that I built a site that helps me track where I am for the 7 days trailing. That site can be found at http://training.wraithan.net/.

Users log into my site via Dailymile using OAuth2 since I need to get their API token in order to collect their workouts and display them. You can see my profile at http://training.wraithan.net/profile/Wraithan. At time of writing I am nearing my goal for biking but my running and hiking have suffered.

I built this site using Django, I did all the OAuth2 stuff myself because when I last surveyed the existing work with OAuth2 and Django, I found I would have to write my own. I turns out it is pretty simple, and because of the many drafts that exist, it would be pretty trying to have a more generic app for this. This will hopefully change when OAuth2 is finalized.

Dailymile’s API has some warts but it is usable and they were rather responsive when I had some requests for features and the one or two bugs I ran into. Plus their terms of service for their API are really reasonable. I can’t say the same about other workout tracking sites I looked into, either they had a horrible ToS or they plain didn’t have an API.

Exercise Redux

This is more a personal recording of thoughts than my normal posts that are aimed at an audience.

I’ve begun exercising. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t post/talk about starting exercising much until you’ve actually started and are a few days/weeks in. I am now 3 weeks into biking for training, and I’ve started walking and even jogged a bit yesterday.

I fell short of my 2 of my 3 goals last year. I was able to complete a 100mi ride, while it was very hard it was also easier than I expected. My other 2 goals, jogging 30min straight and swimming a mile straight were over reaching in some ways. The jogging was thwarted by injuring my joints. I didn’t start into jogging softly enough. The swimming was defeated by my lack of ability to swim very well.

My biking goal this summer is to hit, exceed and maintain 160km per week. I may bump this up as I am already at 100km in a week without much negative impact on my body. I have started, and intend to continue hiking, aiming for a 8km+ hike each week. Running, I want to get to the point that I am doing 5km runs twice a week. And finally I want to reach 750m swimming per week.

This is a lot of goals, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach them all, but they culminate in being able to do the Portland Triathlon. I hope to have a page of my training vs my goals and where I am for each thing. Swimming will be waiting until I have a job and can start at a gym again, the rest are started and I hope to continue kicking ass at them.


Those of you who read my blog will notice the new widget on the side. That is a widget from DailyMile as I have several goals right now. Ride a century (100 miles) on my bike, jog for 30 minutes straight without slowing to a walk or stopping, and finally to swim a mile straight without resting.

Now you, most of you who read this are going ‘wtf this is a tech blog’ ’tis the truth, this is a tech blog. First I wanted to give a shout out to the folks at DailyMile. Their site is pretty awesome, works (so far) without any noticeable bugs or flaws, and they are nice enough to provide a RESTful API that returns JSON (yay no XML-RPC). Heck, I’ve even contacted them about donating or paying for some pro-mode if they decide to add one. I know they offer shirts but those have an overhead cost to them and they aren’t really my style.

More on the API, it is a pretty decent setup, uses OAuth2, returns JSON, and is pretty intuitive. I am going to be building out some software of my own that uses it to track smaller goals with end dates and such which their ‘challenge’ system doesn’t really support in a robust way. The details of that along with a recent realization thanks to a fellow Portland Nerd will be coming in the next post. For now, I just wanted to show my love for this site that is already making my life a little better.